Frequently Asked Questions

About SetCronJob

SetCronJob is a job scheduler service. It works exactly like crontab in Unix / Linux except that it can call a URL instead of executing a command.

You give it a URL and a time pattern. Every minute, SetCronJob bot is launched by Linux crond, then call your URL and your script will execute.


Yes, you can change your email address after you logged in. Visit My Account tab and enter your new email address, you'll receive a verification message from SetCronJob. Then just click on the link in it and everything is okay.

No. SetCronJob stores only password hashes, and they can't be decoded. So if anyone gets in the database, one can't know your plain password.

It will be marked as Expired, and your cronjobs will stop running.
If you subscribed for premium account, it will be automatically billed and renewed.
If you unsubscribed, you'll need to subscribe again.

You can close your account at My Account tab.

At the moment, you are not allowed to resell my service in any kind. See the Term Of Service.

It depends on your need and budget. I personally recommend you to choose Gold account.

Yes, but you need to cancel your automatic payment profile (PayPal subscription) first. Visit Plan > My payments tabe, then cancel the active subscription. Once the subscription is canceled, visit Plan > My Plans tab and select another account.

After subscribed, your account will be automatically billed and renewed.

Cron jobs

To set up cron job, click on Create CronJob at Control Panel.

Just enter the cronjob URL to "URL to call" field, then Save. The URL must start with either http:// or https://.

Simply select an interval from the drop down list under "When to call", then enter URL to call and click Save.

If your account expired, your cronjobs will be marked as expired too.

It will no longer be executed.

Just renew your account.

Yes, you can select desired timezone when creating/editing your cronjobs. It's under Advanced Settings.

PHP Cron Jobs

Click on "Create new cron jobs", select correct time pattern, enter script URL as "URL to call", then click "Save".

Follow the tip at Set cron jobs with php scripts which will make sure your cron execute completely.


Notification on Failure is a nice feature which will notify you by email when your cron jobs failed.

To enable, select "When cron fails" under Notify field, then click Save.
To disable, select "Never" under Notify field, then click Save.

Notification on Execution is a feature which will notify you by email when your cron jobs executed, and it's available for cronjobs running every day(s) only.

To enable, select "When cron is executed" at Notify me field, then click Save.
To disable, select "Never" under Notify field, then click Save.

It's the max time that SetCronJob will wait for your script and takes the script output.

SetCronJob will log first 4 KB and last 1 KB of output only. The rest will still be retrieved, but won't be stored.

We limit download speed to 10 KB / second, so it depends on your current plan timeout. For example a Gold account with timeout limit to 600 seconds will download up to 6MB from your cronjob output. However it is recommended to keep your script output minimal.

Yes, your URL can start with https://.

Yes, SetCronJob supports all custom ports, e.g. 80, 8080, 10000, etc. The URL format would be something like

Yes, this feature is enabled by default, just add username:password@ before host name.

For example, cronjob URL requires username and password, then set cronjob with (replace username and password with your real login).

To create a new group, click on Add a group, enter group name and press enter.

To create new cron jobs under a group, click on Create new cron jobs, choose group name in list Group of new cron job, then click Save.

To move existing cron jobs to a group, click on Edit icon, choose group name in list Group of this cron job, then click Save.

To ungroup a cron job, click on Edit icon, choose None in Group of this cron job, then click Save.

To rename a group, click on Edit icon of the group name, enter new group name and press enter.

To delete a group, click on Delete icon. This will delete the group only, and will NOT delete cron jobs under that group.


Online: SetCronJob accepts PayPal and Credit / Debit Card (processed by PayPal).
Offline: I accept Western Union, MoneyGram and bank transfer.

You can make payment through Western Union. Contact me for receiver's detail.

Just let me know. You may get full refund within 3 days after first payment.

Cron jobs processor

At the moment, SetCronJob are running on 3 servers with these IP addresses:

  • Server 1: IPv4:, IPv6: 2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fef1:a819
  • Server 2: IPv4:, IPv6: 2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fef1:33bf
  • Server 3: IPv4:, IPv6: 2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fef1:31a2

If we change or add new IPs, we'll notify you.

It has its own user agent: SetCronJob/1.0 (+

You can use the identity stated above to do your jobs. If you don't know how to do, contact me.

Have a question not listed here? Contact me!