Terms of Service

Acceptance of Terms

By using SetCronJob's service, you agreed these terms, which may be updated with or without notice. You are encouraged to check back here at any time.

Prohibited Use

You may not use SetCronJob

You are not allowed to:

Any violation of the list above may result in termination of your account and cronjobs, restrict your IP, user agent with or without notice and refund.

The user is fully responsible for any damage or injury caused by the execution of his/her URL added via SetCronJob.


Your account will be canceled with or without notice, if:

If you request an Account Cancellation, you may get a refund of your money paid for the service (see Refund Policy).

Refund policy

If your paid account was canceled within 03 (three) days (72 hours) from the time it was upgraded, you'll receive 100% the money you paid.

After that, there's no refund.

To request a refund, contact me with the following informations:

I'll then email you back and ask for confirmation to make sure the request came from correct person.

Limitation of Liability

SetCronJob is responsible for:

The maximum amount to pay damages is the last amount you paid for SetCronJob.

SetCronJob is NOT responsible for:

Report Abuse

If you found anyone abusing SetCronJob or uses SetCronJob in an illegal way, you can report abuse by contact me.

If you don't want your web server to be requested from SetCronJob, please:

I'll remove all your URLs and add your domain name into my restricted domain list.