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About SetCronJob

SetCronJob is a web-based cronjobs service, an alternative for Unix CronTab and Windows Tasks Scheduler. It'll execute your scripts by requesting their URLs. SetCronJob supports all server-side programming languages including PHP, ASP.NET, Python, Ruby, etc.

SetCronJob was first released on January 2009, and had a rapid growth. It became the leading service in the online cronjobs market, with many features that make it outweigh other competitors.

About Author

SetCronJob was originally developed by Nguyen An Thuan, an experienced and professional PHP developer. He also has good knowledge of Unix, open source CMS, domain name, web hosting and email service.

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If you have any new idea, feature suggestion, or want to join our developer/designer team, please send your message to webmaster[at]setcronjob.com.

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